Scottish Folds of Love

We lovingly hand-raise:

  • Scottish Fold – folded ears or straight ears
  • Scottish Straight – a Scottish Fold with straight ears
  • Highland Fold– Scottish Fold with long Hair

Breeding with thoughtful planning, science, and heart

A lot of thought, science, and heart goes into our breeding selection for our kittens. We offer a variety of colors, price ranges, and looks. Cats are like art – everyone’s idea of a perfect or beautiful cat is different.


All current breeding standards are followed closely and we have healthy and well-socialized kittens that are ready to be a part of your family. All kittens and parents are TICA registered.

The International Cat Association®


The Cutest Scottish Fold Kittens in Florida

We began with 2 breeding females plus one male. And from there we have added to our family. All kittens are raised underfoot, literally. They are used to humans and touch, being picked up, and being around cats of all ages. They are very well socialized.

These cats have never been caged, and are family members. This makes them very personable. Please read comments from past buyers who are absolutely 100% happy with their new loves.

We offer at-home visits once the kittens are old enough. We are glad to facetime or send pictures and videos and you can make a deposit on a future litter or kittens that are not quite old enough to go home.

Each kitten can go home when a vet certifies them healthy and ready but never before 8 weeks. If the kitten will be flying, other requirements are set by each airline and they will be at least 12 weeks old.

Scottish Folds of Love Mission:

To breed healthy, beautiful, well-socialized kittens. To keep our cats in a loving, humane environment. To provide excellent customer service to the people we work with.

We want to do everything the right way. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We seek fabulous homes for our kittens and the loving environment that they deserve.

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Feedback from our kitten families!


This is our Pepper. She was 10 weeks when we got her from Scottish Folds of Love. The entire process was so positive. On day one she was settled in quickly with our daughter. By day two, she was playing and laying around with other cats. We could tell how much love and attention she had received to be adjusted so well to her new home. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone as a breeder.


What an absolutely special and comforting experience I had purchasing this angel from you, Carolyn… You really made the whole experience so pleasant by sending me so many pictures and videos and keeping in such regular contact. Leo is the sweetest angel I ever could have asked for.


Carolyn, thanks for the sweet kitty. She is a bundle of joy and we are so happy. She’s been named Mildred “Millie” LaFay.

Our Adult Cats | Future Breeders


Ivy is a Golden Color Point Scottish Fold with Folded ears and INCREDIBLE Blue Eyes! Goldens are very rare, and Golden Color Points even more so. Ivy’s ears fold flat to her head!
My page and gallery Ivy


Santa will be breeding with our new stud Casper in Spring 2022. She is a Blue Silver Long Haired Scottish Fold with Folded ears flat to her head!
My page and gallery Santa


She is a Black Golden Ticked Scottish Fold with Folded ears flat to her head! The golden kittens she will produce are wowing everyone and look like little tiger kittens.
My page and gallery Nicol


Frost is a Black Silver Shaded Scottish Fold with folded ears flat to her head with lovely green eyes! The silver kittens she produces are stunning and are our most popular kittens.
My page and gallery Frost


Blu is a Long Haired Blue Scottish Fold with Folded ears flat to her head! She will provide our cattery with Blue (and Lilac) babies..
My page and gallery Blu


Angel will be breeding with our new stud Casper in winter 2021/Spring 2022. She is a Long Haired Blue Silver Color Point Scottish Fold with Folded ears and INCREDIBLE Blue Eyes!
My page and gallery Angel


This young man is our latest edition and will be breeding in winter 2021/Spring 2022. He is a Golden Color Point Long Hair Scottish Fold with Straight ears.
My page and gallery Casper


This super mom is also a petite girl and has had some great kittens! Mocha is a Chocolate Scottish Fold with Folded Ears that lay flat to her head and incredible Orange eyes.
My page and gallery Mocha


This tiny little lady has beautiful kittens! Elsa is a Black Silver shaded Scottish Fold with Triple Folded Ears. Elsa is one of our founding Breeder moms.
My page and gallery Elsa


This sweet guy is a Red Classic Scottish Fold (Highland Fold) with Straight ears. WCF and TICA registered. Thor is our founding Stud and fathered all of our kittens to date.
My page and gallery Thor